Understanding Parliament - Pt 1 - Introduction

Is Austerity Really Over?


Understanding PMQs pt 1 - The Soft Question

Will Theresa May Face a Leadership Challenge24/10/2018

Rumours kept swirling that the Chairman of the 1922 Committee had enough letters to trigger a vote of no confidence...

#3 - 15/10/2018 - Brexit, the DUP and Hung Parliaments

The current arithmetic of the House of Commons have provided us with a unique situation. It offers us the chance to understand hung parliament, minority government and compare it to previous examples such as the coalition government from 2010 to 2015. Add Brexit to the mix and these are astonishing times.

#2 - 08/10/2018 - Theresa May's Conference Speech

In episode 2 I take a look at Theresa May's conference speech and compare the Tory and Labour conferences.

#1 - 28/09/2018

In this first edition I talk about the BBC series "Turning Points" and the recent Labour Party Conference, in particular the speech by their leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Useful Links:

BBC iPlayer Series "Turning Points"

Jeremy Corbyn's full conference speech - it starts about 15 minutes in.

John Crace political sketch - "Corbyn waits for himself to arrive before delivering confident speech"

Guardian article "Labour members in open revolt at union-backed party rule changes"


In this introduction I explain what the series is about and why it will help you.

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