Theresa May Facing Confidence Vote

The Conservatives have been pushed towards a leadership election by Labour.

May Delays Brexit Vote - Latest - 10/12/2018

Theresa May's Conference Speech Live Blog

Live Blog - Labour Party Conference - Corbyn's Speech

Anarchism and other Issues

Working Class Question Time - Episode 1

On Monday 4th June 2018 history was made when Class War got together a few people in a pub on the Old Kent Road to counter the BBC's establishment programme Question Time. Here are the results with me in the David Dimbleby role.

Ways to Change the World - Benjamin Zephaniah

As discussed in my blog this is a great interview

My 2015 General Election Declaration Speech

Not the best quality but here it is. After a fascinating Class War election campaign we had the dullest night of our lives. After a day in court we had a Tory thanking the police. It was all too much for me. I let rip.

Undertsanding British Politics

Studying Politics

Studying British politics at any level can be a tricky business. Politics can seem quite dull to many and teachers often encourage their students to read newspapers and watch politics programmes on TV to help. But where do you start? Right here.

Understanding British Politics Video Series

This video series allows me to help you with some hints and tips on what to read about and where to get the best information from. Whatever level you are studying British politics I can help. These videos explain what I've been reading about and what political stories I find interesting and why. They're a good starting point for you to do you're own research and broaden you own knowledge and understanding. 

Watch now!

Give the videos a try and then explore the sources I've suggested. Very soon you will start to understand better the things detailed in your text books. As we build up week by week you will have knowledge and understanding plus examples for your written work! 

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