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My Freedom Articles

Over the last few years I have been contributing to the anarchist newspaper Freedom. This has developed into a regular monthly column, mainly about the state of British politics.   The most ltesarticle is presented at the top. I will add more over the coming months so that this becomes an archive of these articles. 

Why and how Trump is about to get worse

My November 2018 article focused on the US mid-term elections and what they might mean for the presidency of Donald Trump.

Barred from Banksy's Art World

In October 2018 I wrote about that stunt by Banksy and how Art is a thing removed from our lives by such spectacles.

Class War at the Rees-Mogg Residence – Media and MPs in Hyperbolic Rage

Class War organised a trip to Ress-Mogg's house. Then all hell broke loose. It started a frantic week of newspaper articles about the group which mainly consisted of abuse. how scared the ruling class must be.

The Myth of a Left Wing Brexit

My growing frustration at the idea that Brexit is somehow good for the working class emerges here. We are finally starting to realise that Brexit is almost exclusively a right wing concern, that working class Brexit supporters are either right wing or rudderless politically. 

Can Anarchists Give Trump the Welcome he Deserves

I reflected on the lack of action within British anarchism and looked towards a presidential visit that could potentially change the state of play.

One Year On From the 2017 General Election

In my June 2018 column I look at the state of British politics one year on from the 2017 general election.

Britain Not Heading Towards Socialism Anytime Soon

This article reflects on the local election results of May 2018 and assesses the prospects for another hung parliament at the next election.