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Jack Wilden

I started photography in 2015. I take landscapes on the whole. I decided that having a collective of people working on a real mix of things would be interesting. This website is designed to showcase us all equally and also it has forced us to work together on projects where we can show all out talents in one creative work. 

Sean McGivern

I've been keeping a very low profile. It's soemtimes good to be under the radar so much that nbody knows you exists. It feels strange to be coming out a bit more. Anyway, I write anarchist fiction. Sometimes I focus on fairy stories and sometimes it's fake news articles. I'm really pleased that with the help of Jack's photography and Jon's art I'm finally getting the chance to see them illustrated.

Jon Bigger

I'm an anarchist, researcher, writer and artist. When it comes to photography i taught Jack everything he knows. I was sacked from my role at he Home Officve in 2013 because of my trade union activities. I decided to get involved with Class War at that moment and became their candidate for Croydon South at the 2015 general election. I turned that experience into a PhD at Loughborough University. 

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